Sunday, 3 January 2016

6 Little Things I Love About Korea

My last post was Six Things That Grind My Gears About Living in South Korea. Not meant to be negative, but just six things that simply annoy me. As there are things that bug me, there are of course many things that I love about living here. Many of these things, are little things. But when I first came to Korea, these little things weren't so little. They were new, different, exciting, and groundbreaking. Now, they have become such a normal part of my daily life, that I barely notice or appreciate them anymore. Today I want to take a step back, and appreciate them as much as I did when I first got here.

1. Keypad Apartment Locks

So simple, but SO convenient. No worrying about "did I lock the door", or "I forgot my keys". I definitely take this for granted most of the time! Just enter the 4 digit code on your way in, and it locks automatically on your way out! I thought I'd miss carrying around a set of keys here, but no. Keypad locks for the win!

Not my photo, although my lock looks almost identical. And weirdly the girl in the reflection kinda looks like me....

2. Cheap Alcohol

I don't drink often, but when I do, I'm definitely picking up a $1.50 bottle of soju, or a couple $1 beers! I am not looking forward to heading back to Canadian prices.

1,200 won for a 350mL bottle of soju (20%)

3. Alcohol Availability/Freedom

On the same note as above......being able to buy alcohol at any convenience store, and drinking it, basically anywhere you want. Outside of convenience stores, on a train, in a park, you name it!

The convenience stores here even have little patio tables and chairs set up outside, where you can usually find some elderly Korean men crushing some beers.

Or, on the steps!

4. School Lunches

Because it literally feels like you are eating at a Korean restaurant every day! Big portions, usually semi-healthy, and always delicious.

5. How to Get A Server's Attention

You know how back home, to get a servers attention at a restaurant, you have to wait for "the right moment" or until you make eye contact? In Korea, you have two options that put this awkward dance to shame. First, the majority of the restaurants will have a button on the table, which you simply press to notify the server you need them. Awesome! Second, if a restaurant doesn't have this button, or if you simply prefer more "human interaction", you can just yell "jogiyo", and add a little wave. This basically means "excuse me", and they will come right over to help you! And this is considered polite!

Two awesome ways that make life in restaurants much easier. Especially in a foreign country!

6. Convenience Store Food

And by food, I don't mean chips, cookies, or other snacks. I mean real food (well.....maybe almost). Like rice, veggies, and meat combined in a delicious triangle formation, known in Korean as samgak-kimbap, or what us foreigners call "a kimbap triangle". Regular kimbap (which you can also get at convenience stores) comes in a roll formation. It's almost like sushi, but no raw meat. It's such a unique, simple, cheap on-the-go snack. And it's so fun to eat!

And there you have it! 6 little things I love about Korea. I'll miss these things once I'm home in just under 2 weeks! Canada, see you soon!


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  1. Hi Kiddo!

    Yet another great post about your life in Korea.....thank you! I can hardly wait for you to be my tour guide during our Korean vacation next month....we leave a month from today as a matter of fact!

    See you soon!